Design Guide

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MnPAVE-Rigid and BCOA-ME

(Nov. 2014) MnDOT recently adopted MnPAVE-Rigid and BCOA-ME.  MnPAVE is a mechanistic design program that is based off of the AASHTO ME design principals using Minnesota specific input data.  MnPAVE-ME is used for designing new concrete pavements on grade.  BCOA-ME is the product of a multi-state pooled fund project to develop a mechanistic based concrete overlay of asphalt pavement design.  Both pavement designs are results of MnDOT’s research efforts and based on data obtained at MnROAD.  Both designs process are approved for use and available on MnDOT’s Pavement Design webpage.

Optimized Gradations

Using aggregates effectively in a mixture is the essence of optimized graded concrete.  Although the concept of proportioning aggregates may seem very basic at first, it can be very difficult to achieve the required workability. The information on the following website is focused on well-graded aggregates for concrete and includes a recommended Specification for Optimized Graded Concrete Pavement

Roundabout Practices

The Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) released Synthesis 488 on Roundabout Practices in June 2016.  This informative publication summarizes roundabout policies, guidance, and practices within state departments of transportation as of 2015.  The synthesis may be used as a reference for state agencies that are creating or updating their roundabout and intersection control policies. NCHRP Synthesis 488:  Roundabout Practices


The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) released a Technical Memorandum on October 9, 2012, which allows the use of the American Concrete Paving Association’s (ACPA) StreetPave software for concrete pavement design effective immediately.  Read the MnDOT Tech Memo 12-SA-03.

ACPA StreetPave Structural Design Software for Street and Road Concrete Paving

StreetPave 12 (2012) is the latest in jointed plain concrete pavement thickness design.  StreetPave 12 is available as a free download and may be used without a license for up to 30 days. After the 30-day trial period, you will need to purchase a license to continue using your copy of StreetPave 12.

Prior Versions:  If you have an earlier version of StreetPave, you may update to the most current version by applying StreetPave v1.3 Patch, which includes all previous patch updates.  To apply the patch, download and run the .exe file. Note: Do not change the default destination folder during installation.


For information on ACPA publications, please contact CPAM at 651-762-0402 or email us.


Next-Generation IMCP Manual Released May 2019

The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center) recently released the “Second Edition: Integrated Materials and Construction Practices for Concrete Pavement: A State-of-the-Practice Manual.”  The updated IMCP manual emphasizes concrete as a material and how its quality is affected by all aspects of a given paving project. According to the CP Tech Center, it “is intended as both a training tool and a reference to help concrete paving engineers, designers, quality control personnel, contractors, suppliers, technicians, and tradespeople bridge the gap between the most recent research and practice to optimize the performance of concrete for pavements.”

All files within the eLibrary are in .pdf format and require Adobe Reader to view.  To download and install Adobe Reader (for free), visit this page.