March 9-10 2023 at The Park Event Center in Waite Park, MN Click the links below to view and download presentations.

2023 Workshop Program

  1. CP Tech Center Update – Leif Wathne
  2. Minnesota Pavements: Where have we been & Where are we going – Tyler Ley
  3. What is Sustainability? – Eric Ferrebee
  4. Bonded Concrete Overlays on Asphalt (BCOA): A National Review – Sarah Lopez
  5. EPD’s: What you need to know – Curt Turgeon, Mark Bintzler, Leif Wathne
  6. AGC Ethics Talk – Mike Schechter
  7. LCCA Basics – Dan Labo
  8. TH 210 Pillager: A Success Story – Dan Frentress
  9. Preserving Concrete Pavements in Olmsted County – Scott Holmes, Travis Martin
  10. Scott County CSAH 83 – Tony Winiecki, Jake Balk
  11. Roundabouts 101 – Cory Slagle
  12. Stearns County CSAH 72 – Mike Decker, Aaron Leyk
  13. Submitting an Award Worthy Project – Matt Zeller

* * Awards Banquet Presentation * *

MnDOT Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer Jean Wallace welcomed attendees with Opening Remarks

Tyler Ley, Oklahoma State presented: Minnesota Pavements: Where have we been * Where are we going?

Leif Wathne with CP Tech Center presented: CP Tech Center Update

Eric Ferrebee, ACPA presented: What is Sustainability?

EPD’s – What You Need to Know, presented by: Mark Bintzler, Aggregate Industries; Leif Wathne, CP Tech Center; Curt Turgeon, MnDOT

Sarah Lopez with NCE presented: Concrete Overlay Performance – A National Review

Mike Schechter of MN AGC presented: AGC Ethics

CPAM’s Dan Labo presented his talk on LCCA Basics

Tony Winiecki and Jake Balk, Scott County with Robert Anderson, AET presented: Scott County CSAH 83

Scott Holmes and Travis Marting, Olmsted County presented: Preserving Concrete Pavements in Olmsted County

Cory Slagle, Washington County presented: Roundabouts 101

Mike Decker and Aaron Leyk, Stearns County presented: Stearns County CSAH 72