Out ‘n’ About on I-90

By Matt Zeller, PE, August 2019.     

I got back to work full time the other week and needed to get out on the road to see how projects are coming along this season.  The other day I made it out to three projects on I-90.

First stop was a portion of MnDOT’s District 6 IDIQ concrete repair project.  A major CPR project was done on this same stretch of I-90 near Dexter in 2013, and this project focused on repairing areas that were not part of that 2013 project.  Interstate Improvement Incorporated replaced a number of mid-panel cracks on the original 27’ long panels with full-depth repairs which should last for 20 to 30 years or more.  The original repairs and diamond grinding completed by Diamond Surface, Inc. in 2013 are still performing well, and the road is still riding very smooth.

The next stop was PCiRoads’ unbonded overlay on westbound I-90 near Albert Lea.  PCi had wrapped up the mainline and was knocking out the ramps when I was down there.  I drove a few miles of the mainline, and I would guess the traveling public will be very happy with the smoothness of the final product.

My last stop was another unbonded overlay being paved on I-90 near Blue Earth.  Croell, Inc. is the paver on this project.  They are paving the westbound portion of the project this year and will wrap up with the eastbound portion in 2020.

Both PCi and Croell paving projects were utilizing “stringless” paving technology.  Both companies seemed quite happy with the final product and the smoothness of the pavement.  Like any other new technology there are kinks to work out; but as agencies adopt 3D construction as a standard, everyone will figure out the bugs.  From a personal standpoint, it gets harder every year to throw my legs over stringlines.  It was nice to not have to worry about that on those projects.

As usual, if anyone ever has questions or comments about concrete pavements, please give CPAM a call at 651.762.0402 or email concrete@cpamn.com.

Interstate Improvement CPR work on I-90

Diamond Surface CPR work on I-90 in 2013 still performing well

PCiRoads work on I-90 near Albert Lea

Croell work on I-90 near Blue Earth