About Us

The Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota (CPAM) was established in 1959 as a non-profit trade association of businesses with an interest in concrete paving.

Our goals & objectives:
  1. To provide assistance in the design and planning of roads, streets and airfields;
  2. To encourage and promote the use of concrete in the paving and construction of highways, streets and airfields;
  3. To advance the use of concrete road materials by identifying and disseminating literature and research findings related to the advantages of concrete;
  4. To provide cooperation and aid to local, state and federal authorities in establishing standards for highway, street and airfield construction; and
  5. To maintain a high standard of workmanship and product quality by concrete paving contractors.
Contact info:

651-762-0402   Phone
651-762-0638   FAX
Contact us

3596 Linden Avenue, Suite B5
White Bear Lake, MN  55110

Matt Zeller | CPAM
Matt Zeller, PE  – Executive Director
  • Over 20 years experience with road and highway construction
  • MnDOT Assistant Concrete Engineer – 9 years
  • CPAM Engineering Director – 3.5 years
  • CPAM Executive Director since August 2004
Greg Bauer | CPAM
Greg Bauer, PE  – Concrete Pavement Promoter
  • Over 15 years experience with pavement materials
  • Forensic Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, Crane Engineering – 1 year
  • Sr. Engineer – Concrete Consulting/Project Manager, Braun Intertec – 12 years
  • Adjunct Professor, Minnesota State University-Moorhead – 2.5 years
  • CPAM Concrete Pavement Promoter since June 2014
Bob McPartlin | CPAM
Bob McPartlin, PE – Field Promoter
  • City of St. Paul Public Works – 6 years
  • Lyon County (MN) County Highway Engineer – 2.5 years
  • Waseca County (MN) County Highway Engineer – 13+ years
  • MnDOT (CO) – 12+ years; fondly remembered as “The Meter Man”
  • CPAM Field Promoter since July 2005
Deb LaValle, B.A. – Executive Assistant
  • Over 20 years experience in variety of administrative positions including Law,
    Public Affairs & Human Resources
  • CPAM Executive Assistant since November 2004
  • Responsible for CPAM’s accounting, communications, event planning and website